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Crayon by Xailenrath Crayon by Xailenrath
For the new year, I have decided, not only to revisit most of my old projects, if only for short stories and comics, but to make newer, kinda sideline/alternate things.
For my space comics, I will be working on Evil Empire chapter two this year. I wanted to rework Cos' mic Booty, as well, but I have decided to keep it as is, but brainstorm new stories.

This is a prototype of the character I was going to use for the new version, but I have decided to do something different.
This is my protagonist. I have named her "Crayon". (The second of my characters to have that name, but, I like it, and it fits.)
I am brainstorming situations and backgrounds for her. I'm thinking of not having her in my normal space universe of Evil Empire/Cosmic Booty, but of making a new one, or incorporating background elements, at least.
I was thinking of making her a galactic bounty hunter, but, i don't want her to be some harsh 'bad-ass bitch' cliche'. There's too many of those. On the other hand, of course, there are also too many 'manic pixie' girly-girl sexpot ingenue types, as well.

I'll think of something.
Lordwormm Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist
I love her, interesting thought about splitting the reality.  Would she at least be in the same crossover-able universe proximity to cross over with your Evil Empire stretch of reality?

Not that everything you do isn't, but this is really pleasing to the eye!
Xailenrath Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

She's in the same universe, simply in another part of the galaxy.
I am folding her into the idea I had of having a space station.
I, at first, was going to have it be a Militak space station, but changed my mind.
It will more likely be a commercial space station. One out in the emptier parts of the galaxy that
provides a waystation to travellers.
Kind of the space equivalent of "Last food, gas and lodging for the next 100 miles" kind of thing.
You will see a lot of my familiar alien races and a couple new ones in the comic.
And, with your kind permission, a few of yours, such as the Ark'r bank manager we spoke of a little while back.
I am still brainstorming the overall project, but am scribbling a couple of short comics to help me flesh out the characters.

Eventually, there may be a cameo or crossover with Evil Empire, but most liikely, you will see the characters from Cosmic Booty first.
Lordwormm Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist
That's awesome, I like that your space stories will be linkable.  Those plans are exciting and as always you are totally welcome to my races!

I think the space station is a great idea too,
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