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Universal Destruction: Marital Blitz by Xailenrath Universal Destruction: Marital Blitz by Xailenrath
They were on their second honeymoon.
It had been a very long two months for them. They'd helped stop a deranged supervillain who was using a shrink ray to trap superheroes in a subatomic universe. Some of those heroes were never found.
They had curbed the machinations of a psychotic engineer who, with the help of a machine that modified sonic pitch, was controlling dogs and other housepets to attack their owners and commit crimes.

During a recent blackout, a self-replicating burglar calling herself "Anthill" became a one-woman crime wave. They stopped her robberies and even helped to reform her somewhat, with the liberal application of strategy, superpowers and, er, "hands-on tactics".
They spent an entire week keeping AntHill 'distracted from her criminal lifestyle', and after that, decided to get away from it all.
The telekinetic superheroine, Blue Moon, and her husband, Visionary, with his array of various eyebeams had headed off to London for just over a week.
They'd taken in the sights - The Tower, Big Ben.. they travelled abroad and when they returned home... home was gone.
Oh, the city was still there, but, it was covered in bizarre, glowing weeds that seemed to have technological circuitry spreading through it. Fluorescent green water flooded the streets and funneled down into the subway tunnels. The entire city seemed to be some sort of eerie futuristic swamp.
Visionary was, of course, the first to see them-- with his telescopic vision, night vision and See-Thru vision, he scanned the city. It's denizens were all encased in odd-looking cocoons, - NO, PODS. Plantlike pods that seemed to be leeching their life forces. Before his very eyes, the captives all seemed to be growing older somehow. He saw familiar faces from his daily routine: Police officers and rescue workers that he knew by name as Visionary. His wife, Aubrey's hairdresser and several Baristas and grocery baggers that he'd palled around with in his civilian guise as gym coach, Geoffrey Patterson.

Aubrey Patterson herself, as Blue Moon, was flying high above, trying to get a bird's eye view of her own.
For as far as the eye could see, this... "technoswamp" covered her home city. Blocks away she saw a sight that chilled her to the marrow -
Metahumans - superheroes and villains alike being held aloft, dozens of feet in the air by plant tendrils. Different from the people on the ground, the metahumans were not encased in the odd eggplant-shaped bubbles, but simply held in place by the vines.
Blue Moon gasped aloud when she inspected closer. These tendrils weren't just gripping their prey - they were violating them!
Technovines snaked around the limbs of their victims, holding them in a vice grip while smaller tendrils split off from them and crept inside of ears, nostrils, mouths... even the more private intimate orifices weren't safe from these invasions.
Blue Moon called to her husband and used her telekinesis to heft him to her level, but he'd already seen the horror. He pointed his bride to a particular section of town, to the east where he'd spotted someone in particular. It was AntHill.

An entire 7 block radius was nothing but her and her replicants. There were many. So many that the Pattersons had believed that this was beyond her power levels. In their time with AntHill, they'd seen her get physically slow and weak after making just 18 clones. She lost consciousness after 20, but here, in the downtown area, there were literally dozens of her - almost a hundred- suspended in mid-air with tentacle plants, snaking in and out of her tattered uniform, leeching energy, bodily fluids and even, seemingly blood!

"NATALIE"!!, Blue Moon shrieked, and began flying herself and her husband toward the sea of her former playmate's replicants, when a bolt of flame and rock cut through the air and struck her in the chest. If it weren't for the telekinetic force bubble that covers her when she moves herself, she probably would have been impaled, but, as it was, the impact was enough to shock her. She lost control, and her powers shorted out for a moment. It was enough to send them plummeting to a nearby rooftop.
Blue Moon and Visionary landed roughly, and before they could truly get their bearings, their assailants were upon them!
Blue Moon regained full consciousness, and looked to her husband, who was already firing his heat beams from his eyes. She followed the energy trail to the other side of the massive rooftop to see said beams bounce off the ionic force field wielded by a large, vaguely female shaped robot(?) and an even large man who seemed to be made of molten rock and lava.

They were Gremlynn and Coalmine - two of the empowered lieutenants of the mad god, Ragnarok.
Ragnarok's army had been cutting a swath through various parallel dimensions and leaving open portals like festering wounds in those realities. These open portals allowed this techno-magical swamp-matter to invade and leech energies from the inhabitants, and machinery alike. Of course, there was no way for Visionary and Blue Moon to know all this. They'd just come back to the country to find their city decimated, and two obvious villains standing before them. Without a word, they sprang into action! Visionary, blasted the woman-borg with lightning from his eyes, which she quickly absorbed and redirected it, via the barbed harpoons protruding from the backs of her wrists, toward the oncoming Blue Moon. No stranger to superbattles, the raven-haired heroine raised a force bubble. The light energy was lessened, but not stopped, and Blue Moon went down. Before she could recover, the hulking mass of molten monstrosity known as CoalMine was upon her. Again, she shielded herself from his assault with a telekinetic bubble, as he tried to bash her through the rooftop and into the corporate skyscraper below.
Gremlynn, extended the quartet of metal tendrils from her back and rocketed them toward Visionary, who shot past them with the dark blue force beams from his eyes, that some scientists conjected were concentrated telekinesis much like his wife's.
The beams struck true and Gremlynn was catapulted right over the side of the building to fall to the street far below.

Doubling up their attack on their remaining enemy, the Pattersons struck CoalMine with all they could muster. Being more solid than Gremlynn, the monstrous man of coal and flame dig in his heels. Between the telekinetic push of Blue Moon and the eyebeams from Visionary, CoalMine soon began to lose ground, but, unbeknownst to the power couple, Gremlynn was not done for. She spider'd her way back of the side of the tall building using her spiked tentacles and re-emerged behind them.
Visionary, whose heightened senses extended beyond just his sight, heard her coming. "B! Behind us!", he shouted to his wife. The duo turned in unison and blasted outward with their powers on wide dispersal, temporarily forgetting the fiery abomination behind them!
So focused were they on Gremlynn and the shower of mini missiles that she'd launched toward them, that they neglected to notice the tentacles she send shimmying toward them on the ground. Also, Visionary was keeping an enhanced ear out for CoalMine, who would, undoubtedly, come galumphing toward them as soon as their backs were turned. He didn't count on the man-mountain being extremely agile, and using his strength to launch himself skyward.
CoalMine's arc was silent.
Blue Moon blocked the brunt of the missile attack.
Visionary hit the cyborg with what was called his "green beam", cascading green semi-ionic energy that rendered most of Gremlynn's tech inert.
Gremlynn began to fall, but tossed a handful of small, old-fashioned incendiary grenades at the edge of the building on her way down.
The grenades blew the Pattersons backward, right into ground zero of CoalMine's devastating landing.

The roof of the building crumbled like crushed crackers and the Pattersons felt the force of the explosion of CoalMine's powers. They flew through the air like geese and landed hard on the building across the street, only to bounce over its own edge and begin hurtling to the street below. Holding on to consciousness for dear life, Aubrey Patterson extended her tk bubble once more, cushioning the impact on the high front steps of the office building they'd just fallen from.
Concrete cracked as they hit then rolled down the steps into the obscene, miscolored swamp water from another dimension. Blue Moon looked to her husband to see if he was alright, but, it was too late, His eyes were open, but no one was home. Blood trickled like a small waterfall from his slack jaw and left ear. The mighty Visionary, protector of their city, loving husband, was dead. Before she had time to wonder if it was the explosion or the fall that killed the man she loved, Blue Moon was set upon by her assailants. CoalMine landed near her like a bomb, cascading the disgusting water and bits of the alien plants all over her. Gremlynn skittered down the face of the building a few seconds later. The two terrors advanced on her. Her ears were ringing and her head hurt. Blue Moon couldn't concentrate hard enough to get her powers to work.
Looking once more into the empty eyes of the corpse of her husband, she gritted her teeth and thought the most obscene and violent thoughts she could AT the two invaders. Swamp water began to swirl. Alien plants shimmied and began to bend AWAY from the place where Blue Moon was gearing up to try and turn her attackers bones to powder. Then, everything went numb....

Gremlynn had shot her in the neck with some sort of dart. One that was obviously filled with some sort of tranquilizer. The two advanced on her. "DON'T YOU TOUCH ME!", Blue Moon screamed.
"Dear woman, we have no intention of touching you", CoalMine grunted in his gravelly and distorted voice, through the collection of stalagmites and stalactites that formed the grotesque excuse for his mouth, "Majority is going to take care of you."
"Who the hell is 'Majority'?", Blue Moon asked, though, for the life of her, she had no idea why she was conversing with these maniacs. Before the question even escaped her lips, the gigantic plant pod that was a mere 20 feet from where they were began to twitch, and slide closer to them through the muck.
The pod split down its sides in a pinstriped pattern, and those splits peeled apart to reveal...

"N-Natalie?!", Blue Moon managed to squeak.

"Majority" was AntHill - Natalie O'Neil. Former self-replicating burglar, and sexual playmate of the Pattersons during better times.
She stepped forward from her pod, barely clad in odd black matter that was neither tech nor plant matter, nor was it cloth. It clung to her curves in much the same way as her original AntHill costume. A tight, black long-sleeved tunic with a large insect resting on her breasts. Snug red underwear with black trim. Tall red leggings that flowed downward into black shoes. Her goggles were large and red... but wait. Blue Moon, for all her fading strength looked closer. Something was wrong. The large red goggles that AntHill generally wore weren't goggles at all! The ruby red elliptical orbs were coming right from her head! Those were her actual eyes! The little antennae that protruded from her goggles were... thicker. Instead of coming from her glasses, they came right out of her forehead. Natalie was now bald, and her new costume was... holey. Was it mesh? No... it was MOVING! The woman who was once AntHill was covered in... insects! The red and black of her costume were actually thousands, maybe MILLIONS of those bizarre alien insects that milled around the swamp! Blue Moon screamed.
"Shut this one up and be done with it, then join us at the warp portal. We have other worlds to infect for the Master!"
Gremlynn barked this order than turned toward CoalMine. They strode away toward the hole in reality that they'd left in the middle of downtown.

"Natalie! PLEASE! Geoff-- Geoff is dead! You CAN'T have joined these people!"
Majority leaned down to her prone and bleeding former girlfriend. Close enough that Blue Moon could see, via the insectoid compound eyes of Majority and the hairy, twitching natural antennae coming out of her skull that this was no mere costume change. Her former lover had been mutated! Mutated and most likely brainwashed. She was no longer AntHill -- No longer NATALIE! She was a monster. She also knew, as she witnessed "Majority" shake loose about two dozen of the strange bugs that swarmed over her body onto the muck-laden ground, only to have those bugs, before her very eyes, themselves mutate, twist and grow into full-sized, slightly monstrous copies of their "queen", poised to beat her mercilessly, that 'Majority' was going to kill her.
TheBackPageComics Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
This looks... hmmm... X-tra familiar?  but in a great way!  
Xailenrath Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Myep!  I wanted to evoke the image of that classic X-Men cover. I wish i'd put more work into it, though. These Universal Destruction stories are meant to be quick and dirty, however, so i'm still satisfied with it.              
burstlion Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, bye bye guys!  You've just been downsized but you're not getting a pink slip!
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